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About Us

Company Overview

RWFS (originally known as Ron Williams Field Services) was founded over 20 years ago in Rotorua by Ron Williams, an expert in forestry equipment.

We have always understood that you don’t choose when equipment fails, and that it always seems to be at the worst possible time. Business expenses and job deadlines don’t stop when your equipment breaks down or needs scheduled maintenance.

Our goal is, and always has been, to offer industry expertise and the best quality equipment and services – to keep you operational.

Our team of welding (Plazma, Mig, Tig AC DC, Stick/Arc, and Arc Air) and mechanical experts, services the entire North Island area.

RWFS stock, repair and lease equipment including excavators, bulldozers, logging equipment, cut off saws, log grapples, and rotators.

We are an authorised importer, distributor and warranty provider of Indexator Rotators and Hultdins grapples and Supersaw.

We offer leasing, engineering & mechanical repairs (on or off site), onsite welding repairs (offering Mig, Tig AC DC, Stick/Arc, and Arc Air), sales & parts and manufacturing of equipment.

Our expertise has expanded to now include forestry (including Woodlots), farming, road haulage, road repair and construction equipment, civil works (including quarries) and the welding and repair of fixed structures.

Put simply, if your equipment has let you down for any reason, we will be there, on site to keep you working.

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